NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( - A North County family is worried someone will get hurt or even killed if a construction project that started about six months ago is not finally finished. 

Missouri American Water tells News 4 it was replacing water mains on Georgia Avenue near Airport Road in Ferguson. During construction, crews discovered a large hole under the road.

The city and water company are at odds over who should pay to fix it, so the road just been sitting unpaved and surrounded by barricades for several months. 

"It's 'hey it’s not our problem it’s their problem,' a bunch of finger pointing. It’s seems like it is going nowhere," said Shawn Bruce, whose parents live near the construction site. 

Bruce reached out to News 4 for help. 

"Yes, this is a major inconvenience to my mom and dad who live here, they have to deal with these barricades on a daily concern but the biggest concern is public safety and that’s why we are trying to bring awareness to this," said Bruce.

He says people are now driving up on his parent's sidewalk to dodge the barricades and worries someone will get killed. 

“Just last week, I saw young school kids on this very sidewalk and cars coming up here at a high rate of speed just barely missing them," said Bruce.

The assistant city manager for Ferguson, Matt Unrein, says the water main caused the hole and taxpayers shouldn't have to pay to fix it. 

“That’s just not a good use of our resources. We have plenty of other places in town that we need to spend Ferguson’s tax dollars and not on the repair and responsibility of Missouri American Water," said Unrein. 

News 4 also wanted to talk to Missouri American Water, but no one was available to go on camera. A representative for the company told News 4 over the phone that its water main did not cause the hole and believes the city needs to step up to fix it. 

This means the project will remain under construction when an estimated 6,500 people are expected to run in Ferguson's annual 'Twilight Run' on Saturday. The course includes Georgia Avenue, meaning participants will have to dodge the construction. 

"There is nothing more than we would have wanted to have that road fixed and have a smooth running surface for all those visiting athletes but it is what it is," said Unrein. 

Missouri American Water says it will pave the portion of the road right above the water main by early next week, leaving a chunk of the road still unfinished. 

UPDATE [May 17 at 10:00 p.m.]: Missouri American Water completed the project Friday

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