NORTH ST. LOUIS ( -- A north St. Louis salon owner is searching for a solution after cars keep crashing into her business.

For the 4th time in four years, Victoria Harrington's hair salon has taken a brutal beating after cars slam into her store. She said this has happened twice this year.

NSTL salon damaged

The front entrance of Envy hair salon was completey damaged after a car crashed into it. 

"It's a dangerous intersection," she said. "I just pray that somebody doesn't lose their life."

Wooden boards were placed on the damage windows of Envy hair salon, which sits on the corner of Martin Luther King and Marcus. Harrington said it takes months for repairs to be complete.

"I lost a lot of business because people don't know what happened. They don't know if it was vandalized, they don't know if it was a shooting. They don't know so it deterred clients from coming," she said.

Not only has it killed her business, most of her equipment inside has been destroyed too.

"This is a dream of mine that I've had since I was very young. I actually stopped being a nurse," she added. 

Harrington's property management company is looking for a permanent fix and requested the city to put up safety barriers. The salon sits in an area considered a protected historic district which means any barrier or traffic devices that would alter the exterior of the building would have to be approved and reviewd by the cultural resources office.

"I'm a little discouraged. I don't know which way to go. I don't want to give up on my dreams, but I try to be positive," Harrington said. 

St. Louis City told News 4 each alderman gets capital money for projects like traffic calming devices. Envy Salon borders two wards where both aldermen have been serving for only a year so they were unfamiliar with the process. 

Meanwhile the owner says she's now looking for another place to do hair but she doesn't want to. 

"The residents in this area deserve to have some access to something really nice without having to travel very far to get it," she said.

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