ST. LOUIS ( -- A North City resident’s patience is wearing thin with a nearby liquor store’s new safety measure.

The store, located on North Florissant near Sullivan Avenue, put up new security lights, and Robert Priester said they’re so bright, he and his wife are unable to sleep.

“They typically turn them on whenever it starts getting dark outside,” he said. “The last couple of months I have been averaging about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night.”

Priester said the lights went up six months ago, and he has video of the lights beaming directly into his bedroom.

“It’s like a Little League baseball park out here at night,” he said.

Preister gets up at 5 a.m., and he said the blackout curtains his wife bought don’t help.

“It’s aggravating. My wife is a teacher, it’s upsetting her, she cannot get enough sleep at night,” he said.

An employee at the liquor store told News 4 the lights were put up for safety reasons. They said they were tilted down last week, after Oriester complained.

But he said the bright lights haven’t dimmed at all, and another neighbor even suggests the lights present a safety concern.

“When you pull out onto North Florissant it shines directly into your face in your vehicle,” said Se'an Whiteside.

After filing 15 reports with the Citizens Service Bureau, Priester said inspectors came by to check out the lights.

He doesn’t agree with their conclusion.

“The building inspectors say there is no violation, they are telling me that the lights are not shining on my property,” he said.

According to city code, lights are required but should be directed away from nearby buildings. After News 4 contacted officials about this story, the city said they are sending another inspector to re-check the lights.

What Priester said he really needs is sleep.

“A lot of sleep to catch up for the last six months,” he said.

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