NORMANDY, Mo. ( -- A local mayor is calling allegations against his own police chief "disturbing and concerning. " He wants the chief to resign over them, but the chief is refusing to go.

“It's disturbing that our chief law enforcement officer has this in his history. This is a wrong that needs to be righted,” said 

Beckmann just took office in April. He wasn't there when Mark Hall was appointed chief in December and says Hall never should have had the job to begin with.

“This was a crony hire by the previous mayor, it was rushed to the counsel for approval, without the time to do a proper background check," said Beckmann.

He says after learning of a recently unearthed police report, the chief must now step down.

"The mental state you would have to be in, to do the things alleged in that police report, is very concerning," Beckmann said.

Through a public records request, News 4 recently obtained this police report from eight years ago. It was filed with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in September 2013 and details allegations of domestic assault.

At the time, Hall was a St. Louis City police officer. Over several days, the victim claimed Hall had repeatedly gotten angry with her, slapped her, punched her, urinated on her clean clothing, damaged her property and even threated to kill her pets.

None of which, Beckmann says, was known publicly before the chief's hire.

He's sent a letter asking the chief to resign, but he is refusing to do so.

The City of Normandy has had its share of recent controversy. In December, News 4 reported about a profanity-filled rant by the former interim Mayor Maurice Hunt.

A majority of the counsel are still in support of Hunt, who hired Hall.

Beckmann says Hall's personnel file doesn't contain an application, a resume, a background check or a psychiatric evaluation, required of every officer hired in the city.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirms that Hall stopped working for their department in 2014. His LinkedIn shows him working at the Taxicab Commission and at Metro Transit before becoming a University City officer.

The chief job, he says, was never even posted.

“He was recruited by somebody, invited by somebody to have this interview and I will tell you, there are officers in our department imminently more qualified to be chief of police,” Beckmann said.

News 4 made multiple attempts to reach Chief Hall. He referred all questions to the now-council chair Maurice Hunt, who never returned the calls, and to City Attorney Steve Garrett.

“He did raise it on his own in the interview of him,” said Garrett.

Garrett says Hall did acknowledge the past incident in his hiring process, but he doesn't believe the council had this much detailed information at the time.

“I think there was emphasis on the fact that he wasn't charged or arrested and certainly not convicted," Garrett said.

"I believe for the good of the community, its best for him to step aside," said Councilman Yolanda Campbell.

Campbell says her mother was a domestic abuse survivor and after learning of the allegations against Hall, she says, she's very concerned.

“There should not be this underlying current of is he really going to do what he’s supposed to, did that victim she or he get the justice that they deserves?” said Campbell.

St. Louis police applied for a warrant and police documents show he was arrested, but Hall was never charged. The Circuit Attorney's Office could not give a reason why he wasn't charged.

Either way, Beckmann says he believes the police report.

“I cannot pretend it's not there. I am not going to ignore it. I think it’s outrageous, I think it should have been disclosed,” said Beckmann.

News 4 reached out to the victim in the police report, who said she did not want to comment at this time.

Beckmann says he now wants to work with the council since a majority had to approve to hire the chief, a majority has to decide to let him, as well. They have now been made aware of this police report.

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