News 4 Schools: Craig Elementary students helping fellow classmates with a food pantry

Craig Elementary students help fellow classmates by donating food. (Credit: KMOV)

What started out as converting a school closet into something more useful has turned into a blessing for students in the Parkway School District.

Boxes of food go out every Monday night with a breakfast, lunch and dinner to students in need within the district.

It all started because the principal noticed when the students ran a canned food drive, some of the kids packing up the boxes for others actually needed help themselves.

So, they turned a closet into a pantry and have been helping dozens of families every week.

“What people have in mind of the face of poverty is kids in rags, well that’s not the case,” Amy Munroe, a teacher and pantry organizer, said.

That's why the students and teachers of Craig Elementary School work so hard to help those families of classmates on the free or reduced lunch program.

“We pack up the boxes here for families that can’t afford food, so we are helping them out to get them food,” Laynie Morton, a 4th grade student, said.

Fresh bread along with fruits and vegetables are donated from Mount Zion Church, which is located right across the street from the elementary school.

“Anytime that I’m concerned and I start losing a little faith that we will keep food on our shelves, another donation falls right in our lap,” Munroe said. “That’s the really cool part about it.”

This year, it's the 4th grader’s project to learn about and help people dealing with hunger on a daily basis.

“That sort of got me surprised, and I thought, maybe I could bring food for someone,” Elijah Jun, a 4th grade student, said.

That feeling has been contagious among the students.

Now, friends and family of students from all over the country are helping out to make sure the shelves stay full.

“Extreme thanks. Thanks truly, they are a blessing,” Munroe said.

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