News 4’s Paige Hulsey noticed something startling on Facebook last week. A News 4 viewer reached out to Hulsey and told her an account was using her photos on its page.

“They say my name is Gail Connor Hussein,” said Hulsey.

The scammer created two Facebook profiles and an Instagram account using Hulsey’s photos. The accounts were made four months ago and their purpose appears to be sinister.

“They are trying to get people to invest through Bitcoin, at least that’s what they are saying,” said Hulsey.

When News 4 reached out to the number posted on Gail Connor Hussein’s page they spoke broken English. Using the mobile app ‘What’s App’, News 4 was able to communicate with the scammer.

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Hulsey reported the fraud to Facebook but they did not see any issues with it.

“After reaching out, a couple hours later I got an email back saying we looked into it and didn’t see a problem with it,” said Hulsey.

Not being able to remove it on her own, KMOV reached out to a corporate media contact and they were able to communicate with Facebook to get the pages taken down.

Hulsey hopes Facebook will do a better job if it happens to anyone else.

“If I’m a stay-at-home mom and not working in the media, I don’t have anyone to contact at Facebook on my behalf, it’s just on me,” said Hulsey. “That doesn’t seem right.”

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