It’s a case that continues to catch intrigue, even nationally: three separate suspicious deaths surrounding Pamela Hupp.

She was a witness in the murder of her best friend Betsy Faria in Lincoln County back in 2011.

This year, prosecutors charged Hupp with murder for allegedly killing Louis Gumpenberger in her St. Charles County home.

Investigators say she hatched a bizarre plot to make it look like an attempted kidnapping and home invasion, but instead shot Gumpenberger in cold blood.

Hupp's mother's death, which occurred in 2013, has been ruled accidental by police.

But News 4 has now obtained additional court documents and photographs from the scene. A legal expert, who saw the photos says it’s just as likely Hupp's mother, Shirley Neumann, was murdered.

Former prosecutor Hal Goldsmith has been, and remains focused on the balusters from Neumann's third floor apartment building.

In October of 2013, Neumann fell from the balcony.

“How did she get all the way out onto the balcony and then fall backwards through that railing?’ said Goldsmith.

Pam Hupp was the last person to see her mother alive. She told staff the day before that Neumann wouldn't be down for dinner or breakfast.

One month after Neumann's death, St. Louis County police received an anonymous email, asking them to look again, so they did.

This time, Neumann's name was no longer on the door and the apartment was empty.

Police took measurements and multiple pictures of the balusters themselves, lined up side by side.

“What's very surprising to me, is that if you look at the photograph, they line up perfectly, it's almost as if you could buy the set with that bend in them,” Goldsmith said.

Police have never had an expert test the bars, which are no longer in the custody of police.

Police say they are reviewing the case, but haven't officially re-opened it.

Goldsmith says these particular bars should be tested.

“There were other steps they could have taken, that they could still take,” Goldsmith said.

It’s unclear if Hupp profited from her mother's death or how much.

After Louis Gumpenberger's murder in St. Charles County, police filed a search warrant, telling the judge they recovered several documents from a garage bag in Hupp's car that had Neumann's name on it, including her last will and testament.

News 4 has also obtained other search warrants in the St. Charles County murder case.

Money found in Gumpenberger's pocket that day almost nearly matches the serial number of currency found in Hupp's home, possible proof that Hupp planted the cash on Gumpenberger.

Police have also seized evidence from Hupp's car and her safe.Copyright 2016 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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