UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. ( - News 4 got results for an elderly University City woman who says she was ripped off by a moving company.

Faye Usher said the struggles with her knees, back and hips is one reason why her landlord at University Commons let her move from a higher level to a lower level apartment in a different building.

“This was like an answer to our prayers, to be on the same level, no stairs at all. I mean we just get out of the car and walk into the door and we are here,” said Usher.

Usher said she scheduled the company All My Sons to move her belongings on February 2. Retired and on a fixed income, she says the $200 estimate that she was given was reasonable.

“It wasn’t as pleasant as I thought it would be,” she said.

Usher said once the movers arrived, they told her it would cost $600-$700 to move to another building in the same complex. When she heard about the new cost, she told the company "No way!"

“I said, ‘Well, let me call them to see if they’ll refund my money or half of it.’ They said it is non-refundable,” Usher said.

A manager with All My Sons told News 4 that the money was non-refundable but would not specifically discuss Usher’s issue.

States’ attorney generals have received complaints about All My Sons, some similar to Usher’s. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is familiar with the company too.

“Well, All My Sons has a C rating with the Better Business Bureau,” said Rebecca Phoenix, a BBB investigator.

The BBB has logged 62 complaints against All My Sons in past three years. Complaints range from bad communication to late arrivals to damaged property.

“It is hard to say in a particular case but a consumer does have the right to expect they get the goods for whatever they paid for or the service they paid for,” said Phoenix.

Usher said she later made an attempt to get her money back and was told by someone with All My Sons that her $200 would be returned but the company has not said when that will happen.

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