MOLINE ACRES, Mo.( - In 2018, Shop 'N Save stores closed in St. Louis, and at least one of those stores is now posing a health hazard to nearby residents.

Lucresha Sutherland lives behind the former Shop 'N Save located on Lewis & Clark Blvd in Moline Acres.

Sutherland contacted News 4 about the illegal dumping that’s taking place behind the store.

“I can’t be the only person that sees this,” said Sutherland.

As she walked through the parking lot, she pointed out piles of garbage, tires, old furniture, yard waste, tree limbs, carpet and much more.

Terrie Porter runs a daycare directly next to the vacant store and said, “It’s blowing on our property,” referring to debris and garbage scattered all over the lot.

Michele DeShay is the mayor of Moline Acres and calls the situation “absolutely disgusting.”

DeShay says she’s contacted the owners of the property about the issue in the past, but lately, DeShay claims her inquiries aren’t being returned.

DeShay along with other residents would like to see the owners place barricades at the entrances to parking lot to prevent people from dumping garbage behind the store.

Sutherland and Porter told News 4 they are worried about the health ramifications including rodents.

According to St. Louis County property records, the store is owned by Missouri Ventures LLC. with a mailing address in Miami, Florida.

News 4 contacted the broker that’s attempting to lease the building about the issue.

The broker contacted the owner of the property and tells News 4 a contact has been signed with a local company to clean up the mess.

News 4 has learned the mess should be cleaned up soon.

As for barricades at the entrances to the parking lot, the broker told News 4 he would check with the owner.

Residents like Sutherland say they won’t tolerate living next to an illegal dump site.

Sutherland added, “I think people need to have more respect for our neighborhoods. I always hear the same phrase and it irritates me. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I think it can get better before it gets worse.”

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