ST. LOUIS ( -- Friday marks three years since a freak accident killed a woman in St. Louis City. 

A driver hit a giant piece of concrete on a St. Louis bridge, killing Janet Torissi-Mokwa. Janet was married to the city's former police chief, Joe Mokwa.

A new warrant came out for the driver, Damaya Love. She smashed into the side of the bridge on Union and Lindell, near Forest Park. Police gave Love two tickets but just this week, a warrant was issued for failure to pay the fines. 

News 4 talked to Love back in 2018 after the deadly crash. She said she was sorry for what happened. 

"It was there for a nano second and then it went and I was like 'oh my god' and I remember yelling did anyone get hurt?" Love said. "People were steady asking me if I am okay, but I want to know if they are okay, because that piece of concrete just fell."

Since then, News 4 learned Love was charged last year for child endangerment after leaving a two-month-old home alone in clothes soaked in vomit and urine. That case is also still pending. 

We tried reaching out to Love, but she didn't return out messages. 

The bridge still has the same concrete barriers, three years after the deadly crash. We asked city officials why the bridge still hasn't been repaired, they say close to $700,000 has been spent to shore it up. Total cost to replace it would be $15 million.

The city will be getting a grant this fall for the design. The city will then apply for another grant for construction, which could be another four to five years from now.  The city declined an interview, because a lawsuit filed by Joe Mokwa is still pending against the city.

We looked at the city's records and found 17 bridges in St. Louis City are considered structurally deficient. The city is waiting on construction for them, with a price tag of $130 million.

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