New transport could allow a 23-minute trip from St. Louis to Kansas City

Computer images of a Hyperloop, a proposed transport that could take someone from Kansas City to St. Louis in 23 minutes. Credit: KMOV

An idea was recently unveiled that would allow someone to go from St. Louis to Kansas City in 23 minutes.

The proposed transport is the called the Hyperloop. Passengers would sit in pods that that would float in a tube along a magnetic track.

The floating transportation comes with many benefits. Not only would it cut down what would be a four-hour drive to a 23-minute trip, it would also go fast in a way that experts say passengers would feel.

“They would feel nothing different, I imagine, that a train and feeling all the chug chug, the kind of bouncing around,” said Bert Vescolani, President and CEO of the St. Louis Science Center.

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