New to St. Louis and targeted twice; 'I am defeated'

This South City man has had his car stolen twice in a month. Credit: KMOV

An alarming number of carjackings have people in St. Louis on high alert. One man, who recently moved St. Louis, has been targeted by thieves twice.

The man has lived in St. Louis about a year and a half. His car was stolen in October when burglars got a hold of his keys. They tracked it down by just pushing the fob buttons.

Monday night, carjackers greeted him when he came home.

"They're punk *** **** who have no sense of direction in life. Most likely, no home-training and are just running rampant because they can and nothing is happening," said the man who did not want to use his name.

Strong words from the man wanting his story told.

"I'm hurting. I'm frustrated. If I am angry, I'm sad, I am defeated," said the man.

On Monday, the 28-year-old was carjacked by three people outside his Shaw home.

"I parked at 7:15 p.m. and there they were waiting on the other side of the street for someone like me to get out of the car. It can happen to anyone anywhere," added the man.

The Shaw resident says St. Louis police told his neighbors there have been three other similar crimes in the neighborhood recently.

"It's frustrating, a citizen who works their ass off keeps losing and nothing's changing," added the man.

Since October 8, News 4 has learned there have been 30 carjackings city-wide.

"I am new here. I am new to Shaw. I did not know this was going on until there was a gun up against my back and one up against my gut," added the man.

He recalls feeling vulnerable and it happening in less than a minute.

"I didn't look back. I ran like an afraid little boy would run from a monster. I was fearful for my life," added the man.

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