New technology allowing Jefferson County Jail inmates to video chat with loved ones


By: Kelly Davis / News 4

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. ( – Starting Thursday, people can visit an inmate at the Jefferson County Jail from home.

The new technology will allow people to visit with family members in the jail through a video screen. The jail will no longer allow face-to-face meetings, so to visit someone at the jail a time will need to be scheduled or a fee will need to be paid to use the video service from home. It currently costs $6.99 for a 25 minute video visit from a home, but the price will jump to $13.95 in August.

The new system costs roughly $70,000 and will be paid for through the user fees.

The department made the switch for safety and security reasons. They said it takes a lot of man power to move inmates to and from the visitation rooms and with the new system they can visit from their housing units.

“Sometimes it's a security problem because of passing contraband,” said Lt. Kevin Carle, Jefferson County Jail Commander.

Those that do not have access to a computer can use the video visitation system at the jail for free. Officials with the jail told News 4 the only people allowed to meet with inmates in person are lawyers.

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