ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- The plan to build a multi-use development sound of Interstate 70 in the City of St. Charles has been in the works for more than a decade, but it’s been renamed and new requests for proposals will go out soon.

Bangert island

The 1.6 mile project formally called the Bangert Island Transformation will now be called Riverpointe and newly elected Mayor Dan Borgmeyer says while he is meeting with those concerned about the project, it’s full steam ahead.

“We’re getting serious development calls about it already and I’m very pleased about that so I think it’s going to be a nice compliment to streets of St. Charles,” said Borgmeyer.

The development would drastically change the look of the city of St. Charles. Phase 1 will sit in between the Streets of St. Charles and Bangert Island, a park owned by the city used by bikers and hikers.

The park area will remain untouched, but the city will add a lake feature and bridge connecting the project with the island.

The city owns the property for Phase 1 and plans to elevate it 30 feet. They are already in the process of filling it in. But there are concerns about impact on the environment and on the Katy Trail.

The current design would raise the Katy Trail and force it to cut through the development.

“This to me is one of the most beautiful parts of the Katy Trail because its enveloped in nature and that's all going to get destroyed,” said Robby Greve. Greve is a business owner in St. Charles and avid nature lover. He and others concerned with the project met with the mayor Thursday.

He’s hopeful more dialogue with the public can happen before decisions are made.

Mayor Borgmeyer said there was an RFP put out but it was rushed and the city rejected the two proposals turned in. They plan to put out another that will give developers more time.

There are renderings and detailed information from the city on the project here.

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