New Metro East strip club defends contest for trip to Denver, marijuana

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BROOKLYN, Ill. ( - The director of a new strip club in Brooklyn, Illinois is defending a controversial contest the club is putting on.

Black Magic is offering a drawing on opening night that will give the winner a free trip to Denver and a gift certificate to get marijuana. In Colorado, marijuana is legal . The club posted an advertisement for the drawing on its Facebook page.

Marion McCarthy, a neighbor, said she’s upset.

“It’s appalling,” said McCarthy.“To me it's bringing us down. It's like they don't care. It doesn't matter. You can come here. I can't go to St. Louis and do that. I can't go to Granite City and do that, but we can come to Brooklyn and do whatever we want,” said McCarthy.

Club director Charles Chandler is defending the contest, saying it should not be controversial.

"What we are doing is perfectly legal and its no different than someone taking a trip to Napa Valley and getting complementary wine," Chandler said.

Leslie Melton said he is upset about the drawing too. He feels the club's owners need to consider what effect the contest has on the community.

“Find what the community really needs besides weed and a trip to Colorado,” said Melton.

Mayor Vera Banks said she is not happy with the drawing and is trying to get a hold of the owner. Other people in Brooklyn hope the club puts the money they raise to good use.

Chandler says the club already gives back to the community.

"We do a lot for the community. We donate to hospital and work with local law enforcement. We are concerned with what the community thinks," Chandler said.

Chandler added that most of the feedback about the contest has been positive.

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