ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- The new boss for the St. Louis County Jail has been on the job three weeks and is prioritizing looking into policies and procedures following the deaths of three inmates this year.

Recently Lieutenant Colonel Troy Doyle took a trip to Los Angeles County to get a feel for how jails are run.

"I was in law enforcement 30 years, but not in corrections. So, the last three weeks have been a learning curve, so to speak, for me," Doyle said.

Doyle took the job already knowing he wanted a full audit of operations in the St. Louis County Jail.

The jail is currently wrapped up in litigation over the deaths of three inmates, and while Doyle cannot comment on ongoing legal matters, he did say he saw things he wanted to improve.

"There are some gaps in policy we need to look at. Again, as I keep mentioning, some systems that need to work much better," he said. "I got a project on my hands. I got to make sure that we improve operations here."

Tashonda Troupe lost her son Lamar Ketchins inside the St. Louis County Jail March 1 and said Doyle’s choice to study LA County’s jail is a positive sign.

"That was a good sign. At least, he could kind of see how other jails are being run when it comes to policies and procedures," said Troupe.

Doyle said he learned the heads of the LA County Jail, nursing staff, medical examiners, lawyer and detectives meet within 48 hours of an in-custody death to get a handle of things immediately.

Troupe said she has not spoken with anyone from St. Louis County despite the fact it’s been more than 70 days since her son’s death.

Doyle also discovered the staff at LA County's jail are equipped with tools to to immediately help inmates who attempt suicide and the cell doors have barcodes to ensure guards make their rounds in a timely manner and remain accountable.

He is pushing for similar changes at the jail under his command.

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