Nelly to headline Winter Classic pregame festivities

Nelly (Credit: Zach Dalin)

By The Associated Press

Nelly has promised to bring baseball Hall of Famer Mike Piazza back to eat in the rapper's hometown of St. Louis after Piazza spoke ill of the city's restaurant scene.

Piazza recently bought in an Italian soccer club. He told The New York Times for a story published last week that he had met with groups looking for expansion franchises in Major League Soccer. A St. Louis group is pushing for an expansion team, but Piazza told the Times, "I'd rather be poor in Italy than based in St. Louis. You can't get a good meal there!"

Nelly apparently bumped into Piazza and tweeted a video of himself with the catcher early Tuesday. Nelly promises to bring Piazza home to eat on "the hill," the city's hub for Italian cuisine.

STL look who the hell I found.!!! I'm last person he wanted to see.!He BEEN APOLOGIZING ALLNIGHT I will be bringing him to eat in LOU.— Nelly_Mo (@Nelly_Mo) February 28, 2017

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