ST. LOUIS ( -- Someone may knock on your door claiming to be someone they're not, and there have been these cases on both sides of the river.

A woman posted on social media that a man was in her yard claiming to be a worker for a well-known insurance company.

He had a camera, said he was there for a home inspection and he knew her name.

She said it was all bogus and that she is not a customer of that insurance company.

The interaction happened on Magnolia, the Southwest Garden neighborhood which borders the Hill neighborhood, and then it was posted on social media among neighbors on The Hill.

“Neighbors do watch out for everything,” Joe Barbaglia, resident of The Hill. “Sees a strange person in the neighborhood or something out of the ordinary call neighborhood police, that's what i tell people, first thing you do is call 911.”

While police are still searching for the suspect, across the river in Illinois, Bethalto police said they've arrested a man who talked his way into homes claiming to be a "home inspector" and then stole jewelry and bank cards.

36-year-old Jason Mitchell was charged with residential burglary. All of his victims were senior citizens.

Meanwhile, residents in the Hill are grateful for the same community their neighborhood provides.

“I'm thrilled to be living on The Hill, wouldn't live anywhere else. Heaven is going to be pretty much like this,” said resident Mary Ann Pirone.

“It's extremely important, feeling of safety, feeling of cohesiveness and a feeling that this is my neighborhood and I want to make sure nothing wrong happens, nobody gets hurt, nothing stolen, nothing gets broken,” Pirone said.

The St. Louis Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors(ASHI) released a statement after News 4 aired and published the story. 

The statement said a home inspector will never show up unannounced. It explained the only times a home inspector will show up is if the house is for sale, under contract, the buyer scheduled an inspection or the owner hired the home inspector. 

 The statement said all ASHI inspector are issued badges and adhere to a strict code of ethics. Ask to see their badge when they knock on your door. 

You can also check their name in lists provided at or enter their name here to see if it's in the database. 

"Asking for identification for anyone entering your home is always a good idea," St. Louis ASHI president Mark Goodman said. 

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