Following protests throughout the Ladue School District, the NAACP will host a town hall meeting following racial incidents reported.

The St. Louis County NAACP met with Ladue School District leaders about the racial incidents last week.

John Gaskin, a Ladue High School grad and national board member of the NAACP who will be part of that meeting, said the district needs to find a way to move forward.

"As a Ladue alum, it humiliating to see what happened, those sorts of incidents occurred when I was there, didn't necessary happen to me, but the fact that they happened is unfortunate and it's unacceptable," said Gaskin. "It needs to be addressed."

More than 100 students walked out of class at Ladue High School Wednesday afternoon protesting the way school administrators dealt with racial issues at the school.

Niesha Ireland, a junior at the high school, said, "People will look at you different at this school now it's just surfacing, they're making remarks because they think it’s okay."

Students marched down the street from the high school to the administration center, where the Superintendent Dr. Donna Jahnke came outside and tried to talk to the kids.

Dr. Jahnke said, "This is really hard to hear but I think we have a group of students who feel disenfranchised in our system and we need to fix that."

Last week, a black student said a white student told her to go to the back of the bus now that Donald Trump is president. The school said they disciplined the student, but some say suspension was not enough.

"I don't think that anybody wanted to believe this happened," Gaskin told News 4 from Jefferson City.

One parent protesting said her son was burned in class with a hot glue gun on Thursday.

Lynette Ursery would not talk about the incident itself, but said, "It's heart-wrenching for me as a parent. You're uneasy because you don't know if your child is safe when they come to school in the morning."

Graphic pictures of the burns have been all over social media. The school said this case is not what it seems, saying it was not racially motivated. The superintendent said it was an issue between two minority students at the school, and there were not racial slurs.

While the district could not disclose what disciplinary action was taken, they did say the incident was dealt with first thing Friday morning. They also said the assistant principal met with the mother of the burned student on Friday.

"What we want to do is educate our students and our families and our parents, and we want to make sure we address is so it doesn't happen again," said Dr. Jahnke.

Gaskin suggested solutions to the racial issues at Ladue High School may take time.

"The few number of African American teachers at the high school is unacceptable," he said.

Ladue police said they are involved and will be investigating.

Wednesday's meeting is only for Ladue residents, teachers, students and parents. It begins at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday November 23 at the Ethical Society of St. Louis in Clayton. If you plan on attending, the district and the NAACP ask that you bring proof of residency and enrollment.

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