Multiple customers and employers air complaints about Iron Co. contractor

Many customers say contractor Kerry Adams has not finished projects and some employees say they haven't been paid by Adams. Credit: KMOV

Several customers and two former employees tell News 4 Investigates that an Iron County, Missouri contractor is not completing jobs after being paid, or is not paying his workers.

One customer, Karen Crocker describes her experience with Kerry Adams as a "nightmare." Crocker gave Adams a $5,800 down payment to remodel her garage into an apartment for her disabled adult daughter.

"Our goal was to give her a place for her own privacy," Crocker said.

But Crocker says Adams never completed the job, and what work he did do doesn't appear to be safe, pointing out that Adams installed a furnace in front of a window that Crocker says should serve as an exit in case of emergency.

In nearby St. Francois County, Nena Seabaugh hired Adams to replace her metal roof. She paid $5,800 for a down payment, but ended up paying someone else to do the job. Seabaugh took Adams to court and won a $5,000 judgment.

News 4 also spoke with two former employees, both named Dylan, who each say Adams owes them money ranging in amounts from $1,000 to $5,000.

News 4 Investigates looked into Adams' record and found that he is currently on probation for passing a bad check and stealing rented property. A check of state records show previous criminal charges, including resisting arrest.

News 4 tracked Adams down at his Iron County home. At first he denied any knowledge of the situation, and said he didn't know some of his accusers.

When he saw that one of the former employees, Dylan May, was with the News 4 crew crew, he then said that he did not owe him any money. He then refused to answer any additional questions.

News 4 later heard from a third former employee who claims he also worked for Adams, but has not been paid.

Shortly before this aired, reporter Chris Nagus heard from Kerry Adams' wife. Through messages on Facebook and on over the phone, she says she has evidence to dispute the claims made by the former clients and coworkers. News 4 is waiting to view that documentation.

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