'Motion picture' money popping up around St. Louis

Authorities say 'motion picture' money, a form of counterfeit money is going around in the St. Louis area. Credit: KMOV

Counterfeit currency known as ‘motion picture' is popping up around St. Louis, authorities say.

The Secret Service says it recovers up to $10,000 a week in counterfeit money in the St. Louis area. It says it is seeing an uptick in ‘motion picture' money.

Despite its name, ‘motion picture' money is not used as props in movies or television shows.

“It is counterfeit, it is not a novelty note, it is not considered prop money because the look, shape and feel resemble genuine money,” said Kristina Schmidt, the Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service in St. Louis.

Schmidt says a St. Louis man recently bought what he thought were hundreds of thousands of dollars in bogus bills, but he mostly got plain paper.

“It was essentially just about a front, back and everything in between cardboard,” said Schmidt.

He allegedly sold it to another man who tried to turn around and sell it too, but police confiscated it. Schmidt said some are tempted to buy counterfeit bills as a gag or novelty.

“You shouldn’t do it because ultimately, you are buying counterfeit money, which is contraband, just like buying drugs,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt added in many cases, the counterfeit currency is used to rip other people off, such as a recent case when someone used it to pay for an online car sale.

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