ST. LOUIS ( -- A local mother is angry after she said the Missouri Attorney General's Office did not inform her when the man accused of murdering her son accepted a plea deal with lesser charges.

Deadra Rounds' son, Chauncey Brown, was shot and killed leaving a North St. Louis nightclub in 2013.

“It’s still empty. It’s still an empty spot," said Rounds. “I never want anyone to feel what I felt. I don’t want you to feel what I’m feeling today.”

Just months after Brown was murdered, two people who witnessed the crime were also killed. 

Police arrested Tyrell Davidson in connection to Brown's death. Davidson's mother, Latashia Mopkins, is accused of enlisting three relatives, Frederick Mopkins, Cortez McClinton, and Travon Knighten to have the two witnesses killed so her son could avoid jail.

The state later dropped charges against Mopkins and the three relatives after a detective was unable to testify because he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has since passed away. 

Court records show Davidson accepted a plea deal Friday to second degree murder and armed criminal action. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 

Rounds said she never received a call from the state informing her about the developments in the case, including the plea deal. 

“Everyone sitting at the Attorney General’s Office had my phone number so just didn’t understand why I couldn’t get a phone call," said Rounds. “I was offended. I was really offended because I felt like all this time had went by and I haven’t heard anything from anyone.”

A spokesperson for the Attorney General Eric Schmitt's Office said multiple attempts were made to get in contact with Rounds about her son's case, but all the numbers on file came back as disconnected or not working, 

“My phone number has not changed. My address has, but my phone number didn’t," said Rounds.

The Attorney General's Office said it will continue trying to reach Rounds, calling the situation likely a misunderstanding. 

Rounds is even more frustrated, she said, over the message she believes Davidson's plea deal and subsequent 12-year sentence sends to the community. 

“How can you let them drop that down? I’m just not understanding that,” said Rounds.

The Attorney General's Office said it is still considering whether to re-file charges against Mopkins and the three relatives. 

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