shooting on I70

Police are searching for a red pickup with tinted windows that drives on I-70. 

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- Police are searching for a red pickup with tinted windows that drives on I-70. That’s the description of the vehicle from which shots were fired at a Chevrolet Traverse driven by a 24-year old mother who had her 5-month-old son in the backseat.

Because of safety concerns the woman asked to be referred to by her initials, A.B.

"It was just pop, pop, pop and I just kept on trying to drive as fast as I can,” she said.

A.B. said she was driving on I-70 near Lambert St. Louis Airport Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m. when she noticed two vehicles coming up behind her driving fast. She claims she tried to change lanes to get out of the way but the cars slowed up behind her.

"I was kind of slowing down to see if they was [sic] going to try to pass me but they didn't pass me, they got up to the same speed as me and started shooting at my car," said A.B.

She said her SUV was hit four times and one of the bullets grazed the back of her head, causing her to bleed. And she said another bullet went through a door to the back seat where her 5-month-old son was sitting in a car seat.

"The bullet shot through his door right by him, but it flew right past him though," she said.

A.B. said she exited at the airport to escape the gunfire and to find help from a police officer. Her son wasn’t hurt, but A.B. said she was taken to DePaul Hospital to be treated for her graze wound.

News 4 has been tracking incidents of cars being shot on I-70 and this marks at least the seventh such incident in 2019.

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