West Nile Virus found in St. Louis County

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A mosquito trapped near the city of Troy tested positive for West Nile virus, the Madison County Health Department confirmed.

The mosquito was found in a trap near the intersection of Lower Marine Road and Bass Drive on the East side of Troy. The trap was part of the county’s routine West Nile Virus Vector Surveillance testing.

The Health Department said the public can assist in identifying areas with water which could become potential breeding sites for the mosquitos, which lay their eggs in water. The federal Environmental Protection Agency said residents should “empty and scrub, turn over, cover, or throw out items that hold water, such as tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpots, or trash containers.”

The City of Troy takes preventative measures to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, but it said these efforts do not extend to private property. The city urges residents to survey their own property to ensure any potential breeding areas are properly maintained.

Troy urges its residents to be proactive with preventative measures and avoiding mosquito bites by wearing long sleeves, using insect repellents and preventing babies and younger children from coming in contact with mosquitos.

For more information about mosquito control, the federal EPA has more information at https://www.epa.gov/mosquitocontrol.

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