Paul Berry

Paul Berry outside the federal courthouse in 2016.

A candidate for St. Louis County executive is facing a new round of legal problems.

Paul Berry III is running as the Republican candidate in the race.

He is being sued by DaShawn Dingle of Illinois. In 2017 Dingle told News 4, “he preyed on my grief.”

Dingle’s son Brendan committed suicide in early 2017.

Dingle says she provided a loan to Berry, and was promised it would enable her to appear on Berry’s television program to raise attention for suicide awareness.

Dingle claims those appearances never occurred, and Berry failed to pay back the loan.

On Thursday September 20th a default order was entered in the case because Berry failed to appear in Cook County court.

According to Dingle’s attorney the court will require an affidavit to determine a specific judgment amount.

Paul Berry’s attorney, Al Watkins, told News 4 “with respect to the pending case in Chicago, Mr. Berry understood a continuance would be granted at the last setting. Given this understanding, no appearance was made on behalf of Mr. Berry at the last court appearance. Instead of a continuance, a default judgment was taken. Court’s routinely set aside default judgments taken in this fashion to permit a bona-fide legal dispute to be addressed in the standard course. Measures are being taken to set aside the default judgment. It is fully anticipated this will be accomplished in due course.”

Dingle tells News 4 if Berry wins the county executive race she will attempt to garnish his county issued paycheck.

Berry has also faced numerous lawsuits from former landlords.

In 2017, Reece Erick Forbes told News 4 “Paul Berry was the worst tenant I’ve had in 30 years renting out places.”

According to a St. Louis County judgment (16SL-AC03564) Forbes was awarded an $11,000 judgment against Berry in 2016.

forbes judgment.PNG

On Thursday Forbes told News 4 he’s never received any repayment, and he also plans to garnish Berry’s county issued paycheck if he wins the county executive race.

According to Missouri Court records Berry has been sued by numerous landlords over the course of several years.

News 4 has identified five landlord/tenant cases against Berry dating back to 2003.

The judgments in those cases total $52,013.

Berry’s attorney, Al Watkins, told News 4 “Mr. Berry has a number of landlord-tenant judgments. He has in the past experienced financial hardship and cash flow issues from time-to-time, much like others who have been compelled to endure and traverse difficult economic times. Mr. Berry has worked diligently to provide for his large family and is confident that he will be able to satisfy his obligations under these judgments.”

News 4 has also learned Berry is being sued by Nexstar Broadcasting.

The case, filed July 12th 2018, is labeled Nexstar Broadcasting vs Urban Recon Entertain and involves a Joplin television station.

urban recon pending litigation.PNG

The lawsuit is asking for $5,600 in damages.

Berry’s attorney, Al Watkins, told News 4 “Mr. Berry is not familiar with the Urban Recon Ent. Case. He is aware of a business dispute with Nexstar Broadcasting, and looks forward to that matter-in-controversy being addressed in court if not earlier resolved.”

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