ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( -- In the wake of sexual abuse charges filed against a former Boy Scout leader in O'Fallon, several more potential victims have come forward. 

Matthew Baker, 48, was charged October 19 with "deviate sexual intercourse" with a child aged 12 or under. 

According to police documents, on October 13 Baker sexually abused an eight-year-old victim in his home. 

The victim told police the two were playing the board game Mousetrap the abuse occurred on a mattress Baker had in his basement. 

Tuesday, St. Charles County prosecutor Tim Lohmar announced more sex abuse charges against Baker, and said since coverage of his arrest was picked up by local media, several more potential victims have come to police saying Baker abused them. 

"At this point I can't even give you a number," Lohmar said. 

The newest charge issued was sexual abuse of a child, which allegedly occurred more than a month ago and was filed after a victim came forward after the first set of charges were reported. 

Baker was taken into custody for the second time shortly before the press conference Tuesday. He had previously been held on $50,000 cash-only bond following the October 19 charges, but had posted almost immediately and been released. 

Tuesday's bond was raised to $500,000, cash-only. 

"The community is certainly going to be safe in the meantime," Lohmar said. 

Perpetrators of sexual abuse of children often know their victims, and Lohmar said that pattern had been consistent in their investigation of Baker to this point. 

He did add that while many abusers focus on one gender of victim, the allegations against Baker indicate that is not necessarily the case. 

Lomar did not specify whether Baker's alleged victims were connected to him through the Boy Scouts, but did urge parents to continue to talk to their children about potential abuse and bring any information to police as soon as possible. 

Two potential victims were speaking with police as Lohmar spoke with the media, and prosecutors believe the list of potential victims could further grow. 

"The nature of the allegations that have come out. They're so consistent," Lohmar said. "They follow a pattern and everything seems to be very much the same in each and every case."

Mug shot Matthew Baker 102218

Matthew Baker is accused of statutory sodomy or attempted statutory sodomy of a person under the age of 12.

The Child Center  acts as a resource for the community for child sexual and physical abuse. Since charges were announced against Baker, they have received many calls from parents. The child advocacy center can help parents talk to their children about this difficult topic.

“It's a conversation they don't want to have with their kids and none of us want to have that conversation. But just like they know what to do in a fire, they should stop, drop and roll, they should know what to do if someone breaks their body safety rule,” said Amy Robbins, the forensic supervisor at the Child Center.

Anyone who needs help talking to their children or who feels their child might be a victim is urged to call 636-332-5678

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