This story is written by Kristen Cornett, a News 4 Meteorologist.

ST. LOUIS ( -- Many of you remember that I recently found out I have sister, previously unknown to me, through a DNA kit. And that there was another sister that I've been looking for. I've been asked countless times if I've found her.

On April 13, it finally happened. I received an anonymous email from someone claiming she believed that she might be the person I was looking for. When she saw that we were searching, she thought it was only right to see if she was the one we were looking for.

She was feeling overwhelmed and was very cautious, keeping details about herself private.

[WATCH: Kristen Cornett discovers sister through 23andMe DNA test]

She confirmed the date, time and place of birth, but I still wasn't sure she was the one... until she told me something that only she could have known. Not long after we ran my adoption story, by sheer coincidence, she came across a letter she received back in 2001. It was from our birth mother who had sent letters to all the females that were born in Louisville, Kentucky on her birthdate. Out of curiosity, she pulled up our birth mother's Facebook page. There she saw the picture of me with my 2 sisters, along with a caption that we were searching for our 4th sister.

She purchased the DNA kit the day after her first email to me and less than 2 weeks later we had the results confirming our relationship.

The shock has worn off a little now, and she has introduced herself and sent pictures of her family. But she has asked to not be identified and I am respecting her wishes.

A few interesting similarities of note, we were both at the same university at the same time, studying the same thing. She is also a nail biter and frequently battles strep throat and tonsillitis, just like the 3 of us.

Both of her adoptive parents are deceased and I feared she felt talking to me somehow diminished their memory. But then she told me something that eased my fears…and really hit me hard. She told me that there have been signs that give her reason to believe that her parents somehow have a hand in all this…and that if it was okay with them, it was okay with her.

As of now we've only emailed. I'm not sure if we'll meet but I sure hope so. In the meantime, we're getting to know her and letting her get used to having 3 new sisters!

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