FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- A community came together to honor the life of Michael Brown who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson in 2014.

His death not only changed the St. Louis region but brought global attention to police brutality and racial inequality in the United States. The shooting led to weeks of protests that included violent confrontations between demonstrators and police officers, many in riot gear and with military-style weapons.

Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr. is proud of the progress the city has made. He's new to the position but has been a figure in the community for years. Current calls to defund the police mean more dialogue is still needed for the community to truly work together, McCall Jr. said.

"Those who have never been in law enforcement, can't fathom the calls that those officers go on as far as safety concerns and things like that, but at the same time, some of our health professionals can also educate law enforcement on individuals with special needs," he said. " I think working together, a positive solution can come out of it."

Hundreds gathered at the Canfield Drive at the apartment complex where Brown was killed. 

"I'm trying to help other families ease their pain while we are still hurting," Brown's father, Michael Brown Sr. said. He said his son "brought people together and we stand in solidarity because of what happened. 

Congresswoman Cori Bush attended the gathering inside the complex. She was one of many figures who led protests in Ferguson. 

"Seven years on, we have not stopped thinking of you, Mike Brown Jr. We love you. We will never forget you. And in your honor we bring our struggle for justice from the frontlines of Ferguson to the Halls of Congress," Bush said. 

Over the weekend, several activities were held to commemorate his life such as town hall featuring his father Michael Brown Sr. and a free screening of the “Ferguson Rises” documentary.

The Brown family has a non-profit which provides support for families affected by the death of a child. Click here for more on their cause.

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