NORTH ST. LOUIS ( - Zakaiya Manley is like many big sisters, helping her siblings learn a new game. But for the 11-year-old, life is very different these days after a deadly crash on Riverview Drive last fall left her paralyzed.

“She has to learn a whole new journey for life,” said Dorothy Phillips. Phillips sister.

Whitney Thomas was killed on October 26, 2018. Thomas’ six children, including Zakaiya, were in the car. The driver lost control of the car and went airborne, hitting a truck.

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It is one of many deadly accidents on Riverview in north St. Louis. It’s why MoDOT is looking at a plan to try to make it safer.

There is already a project on the books to resurface Riverview Drive from Chain of Rocks Drive to the I-270 interchange. MoDOT says during the resurfacing project, they can add a raised median to the road. Right now, speeding and using that middle turn lane as a passing lane are big problems.

“This stretch of roadway has a higher number of crashes than similar state roadways,” MoDOT writes in their project description.

They would close off the center turn lane and allow U-turns at Adrian and Spring Garden Drives and would widen the shoulders.

Phillips says she hopes MoDOT will make the changes and help save another family from their pain.

“If we slow down, if MoODT makes the changes then maybe we would be, maybe the roads will be safer,” she said.

Phillips says she is doing the best she can to raise her sister’s children and provide the car Zakaiya needs. A GoFundMe page is set up to help with the financial strain.

Read more about the plan and share your thoughts on resurfacing here.

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