HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOV.com) --- A Washington, Missouri man says he’s been waiting for weeks for items he sent to be delivered.  News 4 found the packages collecting dust at a United States Postal Service facility in Hazelwood.

With so many people voting by mail, there’s plenty of people with anxiety about their ballots getting lost in the mix.

Louis Calzada says his delivery is at a standstill regarding packages he sent through USPS.

“What’s the snag, is it a COVID issue?,” said Calzada.   

He’s a vintage record dealer, selling them through eBay for the last 20 years out of his Washington, Missouri home.

“I’ve probably sold four to five thousand,” he said.

He says during that time he’s rarely had any issues with shipping, until now.

“I’ve experienced some theft in the past,  but never delays where it would take two weeks to get downtown from Washington, Missouri, that’s never,” Calzada said.

He sent News 4 three tracking numbers for packages that should be headed out of state. Instead of going to those destinations, USPS’s tracking system shows they’ve been sitting at the Hazelwood Regional Distribution Center since September.

“If eBay decides it’s taking too long, the buyer gets a 100% refund,” he said.

Calzada says he’s already had to pay one customer back for a package that’s still sitting at the facility.

And if the other two don’t get delivered soon, he’ll have to refund those purchases as well. 

News 4 reached out to USPS. A representative said they are looking into this issue.

The USPS has reported delays in postal service across the nation because of the pandemic. They reported that 27 percent of track mail was considered late.

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