St. LOUIS ( -- Officials from both Illinois and Missouri are reporting racial data for COVID-19 cases and deaths in each state for the first time since the novel coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Social Services, 33% of cases are among white people; 25% among black people; 4% among multi-racial people; 2% are listed under other and the race of 36% of those with the virus is unknown. 

Of the 87 people who have died in Missouri so far, 47% are white; 18% are black; 3% are multi-racial and 32% are under other and unknown.

St. Louis City officials said all of the city's 13 patients who have died from the virus are black people.

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According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, 27.9% of those who tested positive for the virus are black; 26.4% are white; 10.9% are hispanic and 3.26% are Asian. Just a little over 31% of patients left their race blank or put other.

Of the 528 people who have died in Illinois, 42.6% are black; 35.8% are white; 8.52% are hispanic and 3.98% are asian. The race of almost 9% of patients who died is unknown.

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