ST. LOUIS ( -- Missouri has once again broken its own record for the number of reported new cases and the seven-day positivity rate, showing a clear indication of uncontrolled community transmission. 

Officials with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services announced 2,357 cases and 121 deaths Saturday. This is the highest increase of cases in a single day outside of the more than 5,000 cases announced last Saturday from a backlog. Officials said the 121 deaths aren't all from the last 24 hours. 

The state's seven-day positivity rate reached 19.3% Saturday, breaking a new record high for the seventh day in a row. The rate was 18.3% Friday and 17.9% on Thursday. The World Health Organization said months ago a state should get its positivity rate down to 5% before it was safe to open schools and businesses again.

Governor Mike Parson told a News 4 reporter Friday that it's normal to see more positive results as the state is testing more people.

[READ: Parson says 18.3% positivity rate a result of more testing, but doctors say it's uncontrolled community spread]

"We went from like 2,000 tests a week to 125,000. Your positivity rate is going to go up because you're going to find more people," Parson said Friday.

Dr. Alex Garza agreed that the increase in testing means there will be an increase in overall cases but having almost 20% of tests come back positive is a "serious indication that there's increased transmission out in the community."

"It's not necessarily the number of cases," Garza said. "We know if we test more we will see a higher number of cases, but it's the proportion of cases that are positive that's important."

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