ST. LOUIS ( -- Tuesday marks the first full day many parts of Missouri have been able to reopen without restrictions as some businesses scramble to make changes to keep their customers and employees safe. 

Mission Taco is changing its business model as it prepares to open most of its St. Louis locations next week. Its location in St. Charles reopened for dine-in services Monday and is debuting the new way of doing business.

“Instead of it being full service, you’ll come up, you’ll order at the bar. There will be cashiers at the bar with plexiglass screens," said Mission Taco CEO and co-founder, Adam Tilford. 

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Servers will still bring food to the table, but Tilford said the idea is to cut back on close interactions. 

Mission Taco is also closing earlier. 

“I get it, a lot of people want to come out and party and it’s happening and you know I just think it’s a little early and that’s my own personal belief and I want to make sure our staff feels good before expanding too much," said Tilford. 

It's a concern shared by many businesses and unions. 

David Cook is the president of UFCW Local Union 655, which represents grocery store employees.

Cook said of the more than 10,000 union employees in the St. Louis Metro, 27 have tested positive for COVID-19. 

"Our employers got in front of it and did the right thing early on putting the plexiglass in, mandatory masks for their employees very early and that had a positive outcome," said Cook.

On Sunday, the Schnucks on Lindell in the Central West End sent customers an email after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Monday, the Schnucks at Hampton Village in South City sent a similar email to customers. 

Cook said his biggest concern is seeing fewer customers wearing masks. He said it would be unfair to ask individual grocery stores to mandate it since it's not an industry-wide policy. 

“Their concern is if they’re one of the only true grocery store retailers doing it, are they gonna be pushing customers to their competition, and I get that," said Cook. 

Cook said if there is a spike in cases, he would consider having conversations with stores about possibly mandating masks. 

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