Middle school bus catches fire while driving students home

Francis Howell School District Facebook page

The Francis Howell School District said no one was injured following a bus fire Wednesday afternoon.

The school district made the announcement via their Facebook page.

According to the school district, a First Student bus was carrying students from Bryan Middle School home on May 17. The driver was alerted of a fire on the bus, and immediately stopped and evacuated the students.

Cottleville Fire Protection District and St. Charles County Police arrived on scene to assist in the situation. The school district said crews arrived within minutes of the fire, and extinguished the flames.

Another bus was sent to the scene to drive the students home.

Francis Howell School District said the bus that caught fire had passed inspection last month. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Students riding the bus that caught fire had opportunities to speak with counselors, the district said. Thursday afternoon, the middle school's principal Dr. Suzanne Chester will ride home with the students from the bus fire.

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