STERLINGS HEIGHTS, Michgan (CNN/WDIV)-- A boy in Michigan celebrated his birthday in a very special way, thanks to his local police department.

Zeke Campbell says he loves the police-- he already has his own Sterling Heights Police uniform and visits the station whenever he can.

"Zeke's kind of a celebrity at the station when he comes in with mom and dad. He wants to say high to the police officers; the guys love him," said Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski. "

So when Zeke's birthday was coming up, the department wanted to make it extra special. 

"And then we found out it was his birthday coming up, so we put the call out to say if anyone wanted to chip in for birthday present for Zeke," he said.

And everybody did.

"It says Officer Zeke. It has a Sterling Heights Police patch and a Sterling Heights Police badge," said Dwojakowski describing one of the gifts giving to the birthday boy.

The big surprise was Zeke's very own police cruiser.

"The car is an exact replica of our police cars," he continued.

Zeke's police cruiser has AM-FM radio and an MP3 player-- about the only thing he can't do is run other driver's license plates.

"I cannot thank you guys enough for all of this," said Zeke's mother Sara Campbell.

She said her son always wanted to be a police officer.

"He has said may times that he wants to be a police officer because he said 'I want to help people but I also want to arrest them for breaking speed limits'," said Campbell. "So that is like the biggest thing. He has always wanted to be a police officer."

Sterling Heights Police went above and beyond on this one.

"You just ask for one little thing and then all of a sudden before you know it, it is like 'hey' we are going to do this. It has just made our world, but I know it has completely really has made our son's world."

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