Meridian Waste

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( -- Meridian Waste customers are seeing results after months of frustration.

On this trash pick-up day in his Florissant neighborhood, Todd Rodriguez says service is the best it's been in years.

"Just in the last couple weeks or so, since they've been on the news, they started cleaning their act up a little," said Rodriguez.

News 4 talked to other customers throughout the St. Louis area this week, including Florissant, Manchester, Troy MO, St. Charles and South St. Louis County and all said their Meridian service has improved since they first contacted News 4 with complaints.

It's a big change from early December when News 4 started investigating reports of missed pick-ups and ignored complaints.

"It's like they'd come down one street, pass that street. Go down that street, miss this little part. Just stupid stuff like that," said Rodriguez.

A spokesperson for St. Louis County says its contract with Meridian requires the trash company to respond to complaints within 24 hours. He says throughout the county lately, they are getting fewer complaints into the Health Department and Meridian is responding more quickly.

A Meridian spokeswoman declined to say what changes the company made, other than it "strives to provide quality service to all of its customers" and they are "just doing our job."

But the Mayor of Florissant, where Meridian's trash troubles was a hot topic at a recent City Council meeting, has a guess.

"They were going to try very hard to get the beginning of the day organized and get off to a good start and that would help the rest of the day be good and evidently that strategy or something similar to it or whatever their strategy, it's working," said Mayor Tom Schneider.

Schneider, along with other customers, are cautiously optimistic, saying they are impressed with service lately, but time will tell if it stays that way.

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