ST. LOUIS ( -- Just think of this group as a modern day Lewis and Clark. Four men paddled their canoes the length of the Missouri River from Montana to St. Louis. 

Tom, Chris, and Scott put their canoes in the Missouri River all the way in Montana. Five months and more than 1,000 river miles later they reached the Arch in St. Louis.

“Trip of a lifetime. Epic,” Scott Robinson said. “It was never about getting to the end so much as experiencing, getting to know the Missouri River.”

They camped, hiked, fished, and foraged for food throughout their journey. 

“Wind is often a problem in the afternoon. So we would tend to put in our miles first part of the day and then once we made camp, we could take time to go out hiking or read. Or if we were by a town, go to town and do the town things,” Robinson said. 

Each day was a new adventure.

“We’ve seen incredible sites, met incredible people. You just can’t forecast what the day is going to bring sometimes and being open to that allows magic to happen,” Robinson said.

They even rescued a dog along the way. 

“We pulled into a reservation town in Montana and Chris went in for some resupply and comes back with a puppy. So, Jubilee became part of the crew at that point,” Robinson said. “She was cute and cuddly when she we first got her and she’s grown quite a bit now.”

The men said they encountered kindness and beauty at every stop. 

“The scenery has been amazing all the way down, the people have been incredible, just so kind everywhere we’ve gone,” said Robinson.

It wasn't always easy. There were times when the river was quiet and easy and other where the wind was howling and the conditions terrifying. But the guys said the journey was unforgettable and a profound accomplishment.

“It’s been an epic journey for me personally and to try to process the magnitude of what we’ve done will take some time,” Robinson said.

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