Medical marijuana users cannot legally own a firearm, according to federal law

Medical marijuana users cannot legally own a firearm, according to federal law.

ST. LOUIS ( - Now that medical marijuana was approved by voters in Missouri, a big question is being raised. Can I legally own a firearm and still use marijuana for medicinal purposes?

The answer, at least in the eyes of the federal government, is no.

According to a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms  and Explosives 2011 open letter, there are no exceptions, even for medical marijuana users, to their rule that you cannot possess or buy firearms and ammunition while using the drug.

Under federal law, marijuana is still listed as a schedule 1 controlled substance.

One Missouri lawmaker said he plans to fight to protect the second amendment rights of medical marijuana users. 

"Plain and simple, I am against the federal government stopping law abiding citizens here in Missouri from purchasing firearms and utilizing their #2A rights," Missouri State Representative Nicholas B. Schroer (District 107, O'Fallon, MO) posted on Facebook. "We as a state and nation are not stripping the 2nd Amendment rights from those who have had alcohol issues/DWIs, or who are prescribed fentanyl patches for pain, or who have addiction problems; so what is the reasoning for stripping someone's rights who is legally using medicinal marijuana in our state?"

The fear over having your second amendment right limited has precedent.

Earlier this year, a woman from Illinois was denied the right to purchase a gun after authorities learned she was on medical marijuana. 

According to, Evette Wormley applied for a gun, had a background check, paid for the firearm and began a three day waiting period. It was during this waiting period Wormley learned she wouldn't be able to purchase the gun. 

Wormley says she got a call from the Illinois State Police telling her the purchase was denied because she uses medical marijuana.

The federal law does not just apply to new purchases. Anyone who already possesses a firearm would be in violation of the law by using medical marijuana.

With the new law being implemented in Missouri, many are wondering if by applying for a medical marijuana card, they are subjecting themselves to a limitation of their second amendment rights. 

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