ST. LOUIS ( -- State auditor Nicole Galloway, who is considered the runaway favorite to face Mike Parson, says she wants to work for working Missourians as their governor.

The Democrat and St. Louis native talked to News 4 about why she says she’s right for the job.

A self-described math nerd, Galloway is dead serious about how math impacts Missourians.

“I don’t waste time. I don’t waste money and I don’t want to see taxpayers’ money wasted either,” Galloway said.

She touts her accomplishments as state auditor.

“In the last five years, we have identified over $350 million in government waste and abuses, and because of my audits, 60 criminal counts have been brought against corrupt officials; Republicans and Democrats,” Galloway said. “As state auditor, I have never settled for things just being the way they are. I have fought that system, holding government accountable, and I will do the same as governor.”

She's critical of Governor Parson particularly with his response to the coronavirus.

“We have seen record breaking case numbers over the last few weeks. This is not over,” Galloway said.

A mother of three, she says she, like many families, is anxious for schools to reopen, but in the right away.

“There needs to be a plan and our schools need to be supported in their plans to reopen,” Galloway said.

She also said she would have ordered a shutdown much sooner and said the state should listen to health experts, who are in favor of making masks mandatory.

“What I find so troubling is that Governor Parson stands up for people who don't want to wear a mask, he encourages people not to wear a mask if they don't want to. I think that's absolutely the wrong way to go,” Galloway said.

In fact, healthcare would be her first order of business, she said. She strongly supports medicaid expansion. She said she’s concerned for working Missourians, including those in rural parts of the state, with diminishing access to hospitals.

“One medical emergency away from a lifetime of rural debt,” she said.

If elected, she'd be the first female governor of the state.

And in a state that went red in the last two major elections, she rejects arguments she has an uphill battle.

“The momentum is on my side. People want change, they are not happy with the way the direction of Missouri right now,” Galloway said.

In her last election for auditor Galloway won in some rural and traditionally Republican counties.

Four other democrats are also vying for the top spot, but Galloway is presumed to take the primary election in a landslide.

On Wednesday, News 4 will take a look at Parson’s bid to retain the office.

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