ST. LOUIS ( -- On their website, the Margarita Madness 5K Run advertises fun while you run, which is what appealed to Wendy Keinbush and her friends.

“I try to do one or two races a year and my friends said, ‘Hey this would be fun, there are margaritas at the end of the race. Let's go and do it, it will be an evening so it won't be hot’ and so we said, ‘Sure’ and went ahead and signed up,” she said.

Soon after the race began, Keinbush said reality started to stare back at her.

“I knew that if I passed out there was no medical attention,” she said. “The course was in the full sun so it was extremely hot and then they had one water station in the whole course.”

When the race began at 5 p.m., the temperature was in the upper 90's.

“They had plastic water bottles on the table in the full sun with no ice, so when you got a water bottle it was scalding hot water,” Keinbush said. “I grabbed two of those anyway because I knew I was getting dehydrated quickly but it was not- it really wasn't acceptable. It's not safe and I found out that some people didn't even get water. They had run out of water before the event was over.”

Keinbush also said the course that was set up was not safe.

“They had runners and walkers going in two different directions, so I was seeing runners and walkers crash into each other,” she recalled.

Keinbush and others upset with the event took to the St. Louis Margarita 5K Facebook page to voice their concerns. But, not long after being posted, they said their comments were removed.

“My husband said, ‘You need to write a review’ and this was three or four hours after the race and at that point, there were 10 or 15 posts and all of them were deleted by the morning,” she said. “As they are being posted they are being deleted.”

Margarita Madness officials told News 4 they've had some false statements and claim they had adequate resources available.

Keinbush is now warning others to do more research before signing up...

“I have been going to the other Margarita Madness city sites and warning [people] not to waste their time,” Keinbush said. “They are poorly organized and it's just not safe. It's not that I was aggravated or it was too hot. The conditions weren't acceptable for anyone.”

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