Mardi Gras revelers caught on camera urinating in public

Several people attending the Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard were caught on camera urinating behind the home of a nearby resident. Credit: KMOV

Mardi Gras has come and gone but some less than flattering video of Mardi Gras revelers remains.

Donna Logan told News 4 that her surveillance cameras caught more than 10 people urinating in public on her property or in the alley behind her house.

"I don't want to live in anyone else's filth and droppings, you know their vomit and urine. It's just unnecessary, it's disgusting," said Logan.

Logan lives on Tucker Boulevard in the LaSalle Park neighborhood but said many who attend the Mardi Gras parade walk through her neighborhood when they leave.

She said each year, a few revelers with full bladders stop to relieve themselves between the dumpsters behind her house. Some were also seen on video opening a gate by the front of her house and then walking toward the back of her property to go number one. The video shows men and women urinating in public.

Mack Bradley, a spokesman for Mardi Gras Inc, in St. Louis, said there were more than 1,500 porta potties at this year's event.

"We ask people to treat this neighborhood as if it was there own. We build that into our social media communications and everything else that we do."

Bradley said the organization takes complaints like this seriously and doesn't want the Mardi Gras celebration to be a negative experience for those who live in the area. That's why he said they'll consider repositioning some of the porta potties next year.

Logan said she's not against anyone having fun.

"And as long as you're courteous and respectful, I don't have a problem. It's only when you come on private property and you show no regard for anyone but yourself," said Logan.

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