ST. LOUIS ( -- Step by step is the way residents at the Railton Apartments have been making their way up their 15-story building. Now management says repairs are coming after News 4's report. 

“It ain't no joke. I told you when my heart skips a beat, this is what I mean, this is what makes it skip a beat,” Jerry Holmes said.

News 4 covered the story Wednesday night, sharing residents' concern after both elevators went out of service - leaving families, the elderly, and disabled scaling the stairways to get to and from their homes.

Thursday, the McCormack Baron Management Group who manages the property, said the first elevator went out on January 8, after a part broke. The company disputes claims from residents saying the first elevator broke in November.

McCormack Baron said the second elevator went out in February after below freezing temperatures caused a pipe to burst near the elevator shaft.

The Salvation Army owns the building and the management company said they had to go through a bidding process. Once the repair company was selected, funds to pay for repairs were approved by the Salvation Army on February 22.

Alderwoman Marlene Davis, whose ward this property sits in, says she also reached out to McCormack Baron after News 4 brought these concerns to her attention.

“The elevator repair companies which was only maybe two or three in the region, they have been over there religiously,” said Davis. “The Salvation Army is making sure that the residents are not in any kind of danger."

The company said it’s taken longer than expected to complete the repairs because of issues getting the needed parts and shortened staff due to the pandemic. 

“I understand the agony that people have, because you do expect to have everything working, but elevators are that rare animal that the average maintenance man can just go fix it,” Davis said.

The company said they are hoping to have the elevators back up and running by Friday.

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