ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- A man accused of trying to rape a woman at gunpoint in June at a St. Charles apartment complex has made bail.

Rashaad Watson Mugshot

Rashaad Watson charged in connection to an attempted rape in St. Charles Saturday.

Rashaad Watson, 20, of St. Charles, is charged with first-degree burglary, assault, armed criminal action, kidnapping and attempted rape.

On Thursday, bond was paid with $48,000 in cashier checks and $2,000 in cash.

According to the probable cause statement, Watson approached a 27-year-old woman on Saturday at 4 p.m. who was entering her apartment at the Village of Bogey Hills. He asked her how much rent was and she said she didn't know as she tried to shut the door. Charges say Watson darted towards the door and forced his way in by pushing the door with both arms.

The woman fell inside her apartment on the floor and Watson entered, shut the door and locked the deadbolt.

He put a handgun to the woman's head third times and said, "Have sex with me or I'll kill you," according to the charging documents, made public Monday. The woman refused and tried to escape through a back door, but Watson pushed her to the floor. She refused to go upstairs or into another room after Watson's requests, he left.

The next day, Watson told police he was at the apartment complex "looking for girls to have sex with." He admitted to seeing the woman walk out of her car and confessed to approaching her. He said he was stronger than the woman and was able to get her door open where inside he pointed a BB gun at her and demanded her to have sex with him.

"Watson preys on people he believes are weaker than him and admitted he was looking for sexual gratification," Detective Christopher Welby said in the charges.

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