Man convicted of molesting 22 boys to remain in state custody

By Afton Spriggs

(KMOV) -- A convicted child molester will remain in Illinois state custody even though he could have gone free at the end of the month. Danny Schwab agreed to transfer to department of human services custody after his prison term end on February 28. There, he will be re-evaluated while he awaits a May trial to determine if he should remain in custody or be set free. Schwab is known as “Dancing Danny” because he found some of his 22 victims at teen dance parties.
In 1997, Schwab faced more than 170 years in prison for the crimes, but he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 years for drugging and assaulting the boys.
That sentenced was reduced to just 14 years when the Illinois Supreme Court discovered that the law that applied to Schwab was written incorrectly.
That means that “Dancing Danny” could have been paroled as early as February 28.
The St. Clair County state attorney and the attorney general are building a separate case to try to keep Schwab in prison forever as a sexually violent person.
To do that, they have to prove that Schwab has the propensity to reoffend.
A state psychiatrist notes that Schwab admits he finds teenage boys attractive.
Schwab's victims are also fighting to keep him behind bars.
News 4 is covering this case as it develops and we will bring you more on the hearing later today.

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