Man comes to victim’s rescue during MetroLink assault

This firefighter came to a victim's rescue during an assault at the St. Charles Rock Road MetroLink station. Credit: KMOV

A 60-year old retired firefighter was getting off the MetroLink at St. Charles Rock Road Tuesday evening when he sensed trouble.

“Sixth sense,” said Jerry, who does not want his last name used.

Jerry guesses a man in his 20s was with his girlfriend minding his own business when a group of men came up out of nowhere and attacked him. Jerry did the only thing he could, he reacted.

“They’re stomping this boy,” said the retired firefighter. “I draw back and take this [walking stick I carry] and put it on the base of the skull of the biggest guy there.”

The perpetrators surrounded Jerry and attempted to fight him, but a MetroLink security guard got in the middle - one hand on his gun, the other on his radio attempting to call for backup. The guard’s radio was broken, so it took 10 minutes for the police to arrive.

St. Louis County police say the victim is not cooperating and is refusing to press charges. That limits the ability of the police to investigate. MetroLink would only confirm a disturbance took place.

Jerry takes issue with the fact the security guard’s radio was broken.

“Why should I, a rider, have to protect someone on their platform and risk my life to help a stranger I did not know? I had no skin in the game. I could have walked by,” said Jerry.

“I want people to ride the train and be safe.”

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