Man claims he was fired for reporting sexual harassment

Kevin Voisey. Credit: KMOV

In a lawsuit, a former employee of the St. Louis Job Corps Center said he was fired when he reported sexual harassment committed by another employee.

Kevin Voisey worked at the St. Louis Jobs Corps Center for three months in 2016. The program, which is run by the Department of Labor, educates and offers training to those ages 16-24.

Soon after he was hired, Voisey said he noticed unusual behavior by another employee when he interacted with female students.

“I noticed an individual seemed to hug the girls too much and it made me uncomfortable watching,” Voisey said.

Voisey said there was more inappropriate behavior.

“One day I saw him walk up behind a girl and she’s with her boyfriend. He stuck his fingers in that girl’s ear and started playing with her ears,” said Voisey.

Voisey said he then complained to management. The man question was let go.

“A lot of the girls came to me and said ‘thank you’ for helping us,” said Voisey.

Voisey was also let go. When he asked why he was fired, Voisey said he wasn’t given a reason. He then filed a lawsuit.

Voisey said he was a graduate of St. Louis Job Corps Center and said he wants it to be a safe place for young women.

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