A man is facing charges, accused of shooting and beating a dog, leaving it for dead near Farmington.

Jason Hampton is charged with animal abuse.

Animal rescuers said they believe Trooper, a yellow lab was shot, beaten with a hammer and left for dead in the brush near Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri.

“They said he was literally suctioned to the ground he had been here so long, it was almost like lifting a carcass up,” said animal rescue volunteer Katrina Campbell.

Campbell said people driving by noticed the dog lift his head up. They brought him back food and water and realized he couldn’t move. She then reached out on social media for help.

They believe Trooper laid there for weeks in his own urine and feces which burned his skin.

“I was like just give me a sign you’re not giving up yet,” Campbell remembers asking Trooper. “He lifted his head and he licked me on my cheek and I said I’m going to fight for you."

Mandy Ryan with Missouri K9 Friends, a statewide rescue group based in Chesterfield, started asking around the Farmington area about what happened. Ryan said she got a tip and called a man who confessed to her.

“He didn't feel bad about hitting the dog in the head with a hammer, he just confessed it like it was nothing,” Ryan said.

Instances like Trooper’s are why Campbell wanted to spread awareness that this not how to treat an animal.

“People need to know in this community that this is not okay, you can't dispose of a dog like they're trash,” added Campbell.

Trooper is paralyzed, but he is making progress at an animal hospital. Ryan said he is eating on his own and his catheter has been removed.

A fundraiser is set for Trooper at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (UCBC) at 3229 Washington Avenue on March 9, 2018, at 5 p.m. UCBC is donating a percentage of the proceeds to Missouri K9 Friends.

Click here to view the fundraising page set up to help Trooper.

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