GLENDALE, Mo. ( -- Investigators are connecting two similar home invasions just two days apart in St. Louis County to the same man.

Glendale suspect

Image of man wanted in connection with a home invasion in Glendale.

Police arrested Kenneth Redden, 36, last month for forcing his way into a Glendale home. According to police, on November 16, Redden asked a homeowner to use his phone and then forced his way into the house, holding the homeowner at gunpoint and demanding their money and jewelry.

It happened around 2:00 in the afternoon in the 700 block of Bismark Avenue.

New charging documents filed Tuesday accused Redden of committing another home invasion two days later.

Police said on November 18 he knocked on the door of a home on Dart Lane in Fenton. He was wearing a mask and holding a gun. That’s when police said Redden forced the homeowner into the bedroom where his wife was asleep. The alarm sounded and the gunman fled the house.

“When the defendant picked up his girlfriend at work right after the crime and close to the victim’s residence he stated he had just robbed the house around the corner,” read the court documents.

Redden was arrested on November 26th by a multi-jurisdictional task force including police from area departments and the FBI. Police credit the Ring doorbell of neighbors in Glendale for helping track down the suspect.

The cameras captured Redden an hour before the November 16th break-in and with the media’s assistance the public was able to provide tips that led to his arrest.

Redden has an extensive criminal history including robbery and was currently on parole after being released in April for weapons and drug charges. He remains in St. Louis County Jail.

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