EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (KMOV.com) - Friday night lights are back on in Missouri but just across the river, high school football teams can't play and can barely practice due to IHSA's restrictions.

Players and coaches say that despite trying to make it happen, they won't have a season this year.

For Edwardsville Head Coach Matt Martin, this is the first time in 41 years that he hasn't been a part of a fall football season.

"You can go east, west, north, and south and there's football going on, " said Martin. "It's tough."

IHSA currently allows just modified practices, which means no contact. If there's going to be any contact, masks have to be worn.

"It's challenging, you're trying to follow your government's rules and trying to prepare a football team at the same time," he said.

East St. Louis offensive tackle Miles McVay says the Flyers are just doing weight room workouts. While he says that it's great to see his teammates, he misses playing with them on the field.

"It's really tough to see because I have some friends that are playing," said McVay. "They get on me because I'm not playing. So it's kind of hard to see them play."

Many schools in Illinois tried to fight for a season but Governor J.B. Pritzker decided against it statewide. So now, players and coaches in Illinois just try to look for the positives in a tough situation.

"I'll be honest with you, with our kids and parents, there hasn't been much complaining," said Martin. "Our kids have just bought into the process. I think some have been worried about the recruiting process, that's the one thing we can't get back."

As of now, IHSA will allow football teams to start practicing on February 15 and playing games on March 5.

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