Maryland Heights police warn of phone scam

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The Macoupin County Sheriff in Illinois said his dispatchers have been dealing with dropped 911 calls.

“There are times we haven’t found people, trying to get to them in time, that’s how frustrating this is,” said Sheriff Shawn Kahl.

Kahl said in some instances dispatchers have tried to call people back and other times deputies have been able to locate people off the information they did get, but they’re ready for a real fix.

He said the cell coverage in the area impacts how they investigate cases and their response to emergencies.

Gerald Brand started a group on Facebook called ‘Macoupin County AT&T Users Forum’. It’s grown close to 3,000 members in eight days upset over cell phone service in the county.

“What I’d love to see happen is to get what you paid for like I said before we’re paying half a million a month for terrible service,” Brand said. Brand estimated the calculation off the population and the average bill people pay.

Both the Sheriff and Brand said this is a newer problem, which started about six months ago.

AT&T said it has plans to make improvements. In a statement, spokesperson Jim Kimberly said:We are always looking for ways to improve service and the experience for our customers. In fact, we have invested nearly $3 billion in our Illinois networks in the past three years, including in Macoupin County. This year, we plan to make additional upgrades in the area, including adding newer technologies and new cell sites. If customers have questions about their service, we suggest they contact our customer care team at 1-800-331-0500.The company also encourages users to download the free app “Mark the spot” which allows people to pinpoint where they dropped a call or have no coverage.

In Macoupin County, they’re ready for some help.

“It’s just not fair we pay the same amount as everybody else and we don’t have any coverage,” said Kahl.

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